Our ‘Akeneo to Base’ Premium Connector Package

Our ‘Akeneo to Base’ Premium Connector Package empowers businesses to effortlessly generate products in Akeneo, which are then transformed into Basic Entities. Explore our Premium Connector ‘Akeneo to Base’ package here.

How to use with Akeneo

Effortles set-up with Alumio integration

We use Alumio to create our base entities, making it easy to link different systems and automate workflows. With this, sharing data and streamlining processes become effortless. What’s even better is you don’t need any technical skills to use it. The seamless setup gives you the benefits of top-notch security and a user-friendly experience.

From Akeneo to Base

Our ‘Akeneo to Base’ package makes it easy to create and manage products. You make a product in Akeneo, then we turn it into a simpler form that can be used by other tools and shared across different online selling spaces. This makes expanding your business to new online markets simpler.

From Base to Ecommerce

Our premium connector packages are like tools that make it easy to move your product information from our base system to other online platforms such as Shopware or ChannelEngine. This way, you can manage your online store more efficiently and accurately, without any complex processes.

Explore our other connector packages here

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