Mastering integration: Our approach at Memo Data Connections

Our ‘Akeneo to Base’ Premium Connector Package empowers businesses to effortlessly generate products in Akeneo, which are then transformed into Basic Entities. Explore our Premium Connector ‘Akeneo to Base’ package here.

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The magic of base Entities

At Memo Data Connections, we have developed a base entity using Alumio. This base entity is like a universal translator including a highly functional Boolean to Text transformer, transforming data from one platform to another, such as Shopware or ChannelEngine.

Integration made easy

We make integration as easy as installing an app. With our integration solution, which includes two or more premium connectors, you can start integrating your systems with minimal effort. It’s like having a universal remote for all your platforms!

Seamless integration across platforms

Our premium connectors are like the Swiss army knives of data integration. They work seamlessly with a range of different systems, such as PIMS and eCommerce platforms.

Your personal integration guide

Consider us your personal guide through the world of data integration. We provide all-encompassing support and assistance throughout the integration journey, guaranteeing a dependable and smooth experience.

Customisation at your fingertips

Once the integration solution is installed, you can easily configure the integration to suit your business needs. It’s like having a tailor-made suit, but for your data!

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